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by Tanayah Sam 


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Tanayah Sam 

Tanayah Sam is an entrepreneur, author and urban youth specialist who has a broad, multi-perspective experience of the British Criminal Justice system.

Tanayah is a former member of one of Birmingham’s most notorious gangs and a reformed offender.


Upon his release from prison, Tanayah dedicated the remainder of his life to helping as many people as possible who are on the cusp of, or directly involved in Gang Labelled Offending, to turn their

lives around.


As a result of his tireless work, Tanayah has presented to over 20,000 people to pursue positive, constructive lifestyles in secondary education, employment, training, or further education.

His transformation has led him to working in 16 jails across England and Wales. Tanayah became a key holder in most of the 16 jails and some were jails in which he had previously served time. His wealth of experience on both sides of the fence has given him the skills to be one of the country’s leading experts on Gang Labelled Offending and Criminal Exploitation.

Tanayah formed Tanayah Sam Associates Ltd (TSA), a training company that delivers CPD to civil servants and practitioners on Child Criminal Exploitation, Gangs, Youth Violence and Social Media. TSA continues to deliver the training nationwide.

TSA Sports and Education C.I.C was formed by Tanayah as a non-profit organisation that supports the development of young people through the medium of sports and education.


As well as achieving national prominence, Tanayah’s work has received international recognition.

In 2019, he spoke on both days of the USAID Caribbean Summit on Youth Violence Prevention in Guyana on behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has also worked in Barbados, The Gambia and in Guyana as part of wider humanitarian work.


2019 was also the year Lucozade Sport selected Tanayah to be on their first annual movers list, acknowledging the work he delivers through sport to young people.

Tanayah has authored After Hardship Comes Ease which is a memoir of how he entered and exited the notorious gang of which he was a formidable member. He has also written two other books which are scheduled for release in 2021


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Errol Lawson

Emerge Leadership

Love it bro. It's amazing to see. I've seen the journey. Look forward to reading the book. Hopefully many of those from the past will be see and be inspired.